Ndeke ya Muthanga reveals details about controversial ‘Dubai trip’

Controversial Artist Ken Kijana alias Ndeke ya Muthanga has refuted claims that famous herbalist Dr.Sweet Peter took him to Dubai.

In a video, Ndeke explained that the ‘going to Dubai’ was a fallacy meant to clout chase.

He explained that they went to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and took pictures to insinuate they went to Dubai.

Also, he claimed they changed clothes and called a YouTuber to shoot them giving him instructions to post the videos after a certain period. 

The musician also denied that he was given a phone and Ksh.200,000 by Sweet Peter clarifying that he only received ksh.5,000 for the videos.

“I have never entered Dr. Sweet Peter’s car alone, On that day I was with a YouTuber Rick Be who was shooting the video for us, Sweet Peter bought two pairs of outfits for me to shoot the video, and the Youtuber was instructed to release one video on the same day and the other one after a few days to show that we had arrived back from Dubai,” Ndeke said.

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‘I have never stepped in Dubai but I am glad because it was my first time to go to the airport. I was not given 200,000 as insinuated earlier but I only posed for a photo holding the bundle of cash, I was also not given a phone by him, it was all clout. The phone I have was given to me by Kisau mattress after the one I had got switched off while at his place,” he added.

Ndeke narrated that the herbalist wanted to gain fame thus suggesting for them to pull the stunt on their followers.

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