Yatta: Man arrested for setting house on fire with wife inside

Police in Matuu Yatta sub-county have arrested and detained a middle-aged man who set his house on fire.

The man who was not identified immediately is said to have locked himself and his family inside and hid the keys before setting the house on fire.

However, the screams of his wife raised alarm causing the neighbors to come and help.

The incident was confirmed by Peter Mutungi, a village elder who told the press that neighbors used the windows to gain access to the house.

The man and his wife were rescued from the fire without any injuries. He had lit the gas cooker and set the mattress on fire following the whole house with smoke.

The man was immediately arrested and locked up at Matuu police station.

The intention of setting the house on fire is still a mystery. However, the fire could not be put out and the house was reduced to ashes. Investigations into the incident have commenced.

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