Machakos Roads CECM Rita and Majority Leader heckled in Kola

Machakos Roads, Transport and Public Works CECM Rita Ndunge and Majority Leader Nzioka Wangondi were Friday heckled at the funeral of Senior Chief Zipporah Wanza in Kola ward.

Wangondi was shouted down after asking if locals had seen Governor Wavinya’s maziwa ya mama in the local ECDE centers. In his speech, Nzioka said that they will not accept as MCAs to be insighted against the governor saying that they will use common sense even as they oversight.

“In our ECDEs, children are getting milk twice per week.” Nzioka said as the locals began to shout him down.

“That is the engagement we want. If your ECDE has not gotten milk please talk to your MCA. He has a responsibility to ensure milk is delivered. Even if we make noise, should we look for the milk or continue with the noise? He posed as the heckling intensified.

CECM Rita was heckled for terming the recent assault and undressing of Kalama MCA Boniface Maeke as an accident. Rita initially praised Maeke for supporting her when she was being vetted at the county assembly

“The incident involving Maeke was more of an accident. Her excellency the governor of Machakos was not seen anywhere going to remove Maeke’s trousers. Those who did that are goons from Nairobi. ” Rita said as locals began to shout her down.

Kalama MCA Boniface Maeke and his Mua counterpart Francis Ngunga were in attendance at the funeral but did not speak on politics.

Machakos Town MP Caleb Mule speaking at the funeral asked Governor Wavinya to stop using excessive force questioning why leaders were not condemning the assault and undressing of McA Maeke.

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