Kitui woman in fear after denying husband to sell family land

A woman from Kiluilu in Kitui County says her life is in danger due to endless threats from her husband.

The woman identified as Rhoda Kitema said that her husband declared war on her after she refused to accept their parcel of land be sold.

She noted that now her husband’s family wants to kick her out of the land where she has been living for over ten years to sell it.

“My woes began three months ago when my husband and his brother’s purposed to sell the land we live in. He came with buyers and showed them the land but when I opposed the selling he and his brothers planned to have me kicked out,” said the woman.

“I am being threatened and would appreciate any help from anywhere because I’m living in fear. I have not done anything wrong other than refusing to have the land sold,” she added.

Rhoda addressed the press while visiting the human rights offices in Kitui town in a bid to seek justice.

The distraught woman narrated that her husband has reported to the assistant chief that she needed to leave the home with her kids and when the land is sold she be given 80,000 as payment.

“I refused the offer and reported him to the chief, when he came he decided he won’t even give me the money but I should leave with my kids giving me a one-month ultimatum.

Muema Kilonzi, Kyanika location chief however denied claims that he is aware of the issue and would address it once it reaches his office.

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