Kitui South Youth Group blames current MP for failing residents

Kitui South Liberators Youth Group speaking to the residents of Ikutha. (Photo- Joshua/Mauvoo)

Kitui South Liberators a youth group consisting of professionals drawn from the Kitui South held a forum at Ikutha to sensitize the residents on the importance of good leadership in their area.

The youth forum also educated Kitui south residents to scrutinize the political leaders coming to ask for votes from the area and make a good judgment for the right leaders who will deliver development to them.

The liberators lamented that the current regime especially in their constituency had neglected the people in that they haven’t delivered development to them as the residents are still having the problems they had even before.

Led by their Chair Patrick Kasimu the youths revealed that Kitui South has lagged in terms of development which has been brought by bad leadership in their constituency and thus it is high time that the residents should make the right choice to elect the good leaders who will liberate then from poverty.

“We are youths drawn from the wards of Kitui south who agreed to come together to give our residents civic education on how the elected leaders should be delivering development to them and educate them before the August elections on the leaders they should elect to see our constituency moves forward. We want to tell the residents that there is a need to be involved in the elections because it will determine how our constituency will be in the next five years,” Kasimu said.

The youths revealed that after their parents struggled to educate them and by God’s grace they got jobs in Nairobi and other towns they have decided to come back to the society and educate them on what they should expect from both National and County Governments instead of following political leaders blindly.

The youths further urged the residents not to be deceived by leaders who won’t bring development to them instead they give priority to leaders who will hear their cries and rescue them from poverty.

Speaking after the exercise Ngayau Kisilu a resident of Kasala in Ikutha ward thanked the youths for sparing their time and coming to educate them.

“I have learned a lot today from the exercise and as of now, I’m aware that I should choose a leader who will get me out of the burden of walking long distances looking for water. The exercise has taught me to choose a leader who will be willing to engage me in public participation exercise and who will be willing to listen to me without favor,” she said.

The Kitui South Liberation movement declared that they won’t relent until they see that all the Kitui South residents are educated and choose the right leader and they will be touring all the wards in the constituency.

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