Kithimani: 75-year old woman seeks justice after land invasion and trees cut down

A 75-year-old Kithimani woman is seeking justice after land trespass. The woman has been left counting significant losses in the Muthesya area of Kithimani, Yatta Sub County after a local falsely claimed ownership of her land and went ahead to cut down multiple trees.

Mango and orange trees were specifically targeted and around 167 ended up being cut.

The elderly woman highlighted that the trespassing and devastation occurred while she was attending church. Consequently, the woman has asked the government to step in and assist resolve the situation.

“This is my piece of land that is located here in Kithimani. I have tilled this land for many years. I’m now 70 or so years…Now I find my avocado and mango trees cut down,” said the woman who was overcome by emotions.

“This is our land. It has always been our land. I was born and raised on this land by my parents. we have never had issues with this piece of land before…I don’t know the reason why those who cut down the trees did so. We are pleading with the government to intervene and ensure justice is served,” the woman’s son added.

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