Mwingi: Panic as Unknown Disease Kills 2 Children

Panic has engulfed Mukong’a village in Mumoni ward of Mwingi North constituency after two children died because of an unknown disease.

The two students one in grade two and the other in grade seven at Mukindu Primary School developed some weird symptoms before they passed away.

According to the headteacher MJosphat Kimotho, the two had vomiting, high fever, and nose bleeding among other symptoms. Upon realizing this he called the concerned parents to take the children to hospital.

“During the month of February one of the kids who is in grade 2 started to complain of headache but during his demise, his skin had become yellowish and the eyes red,” said Kimotho.

“After some days another one in grade seven started complaining of the same symptoms and he was nose bleeding and during the night he died,” he added.

One of the deceased parents said that it is sad state to see one’s child die without help calling on the County government of Kitui to open and equip Kwa Muse Dispensary which has not been functional for the last 10 years.

They noted that if the dispensary had been equipped and opened it would be of help because sometimes they are forced to go to Embu county to seek medical assistance and if there is no money they end up not being assisted.

Mumoni Ward MCA Titus Kasinga called on the Department of Health in the county to ensure that they do some examinations to determine what type of disease is killing pupils in the school.

He also called on the county government to speed up the opening and equipping of Kwa Musya Dispensary so as to save lives noting that if the dispensary had been functional these deaths would be avoided.

“We call on the CECM of Health, Kitui County to take up the initiative and investigate what type of disease is this one, these families have not been satisfied,” Kasinga said.

“I have interacted with teachers and they have told me that there are still more pupils portraying the same symptoms and we call on the county government to open and equip the nearest dispensary to prevent other deaths from occurring,” he added.

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