Mwingi: Kasiluni residents ask for another clinical officer

The County Government of Kitui through the Department of Health has been urged to bring another clinical officer to Kasiluni Dispensary.

The residents who are served by the Dispensary claimed that the Clinical Officer who was brought to the facility is always absent. This makes them not get the right services they need.

The residents now want Kitui Governor Julius Makau Malombe to come to their aid and bring them another Clinical Officer to be exchanging shifts with the other.

“I request the County Government of Kitui to give another Clinical Officer because at Kasiluni we have suffered, the Medical Officer who was brought has been absent. We have suffered, you go to the hospital ailing and you go back home without being attended to yet you hear there is an officer supposed to attend to you, ” said one of the residents.

“This dispensary serves many people and it is high time we were given another Clinical Officer because the one here we hear he has his own clinic at Ngomeni and that’s where he is most of the time,” added another one.

The Clinical Officer in question is said to have opened his own clinic at Ngomeni Market.

Kasiluni Dispensary is located in Ngomeni Ward of Mwingi North Subcounty and serves people from Ngomeni Ward and its environs.

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