Mwingi: 2 Kavonokya Sect members succumb to measles

Two members of the Kavonokya Sect from Ngomeni Area, Mwingi North Subcounty of Kitui County have succumbed to measles.

According to Ngomeni Ward Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Chairperson Mary Mueni Mati the two had been ailing from measles but refused to seek medical attention due to their beliefs.

This caused people from the area to rush the two to hospitals but upon arrival, they were pronounced dead as the disease had really infected them.

She urged the County Government of Kitui to come to the rescue of the residents and arrest the leaders of Kavonokya Sect because many members were dying due to negligence that was being caused by the leaders.

“My urge is to the County Government of Kitui ensure that Ngomeni residents have access to health care and also the leaders of Kavonokya Sect to be arrested because they are misleading their followers,” said Mary.

“When these people were taken to the hospital it was already late and they died. There are many of them who are dying and no one is looking after them, let the government intervene please,” she added.

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