Kisukioni Secondary Teacher Arrested After Seriously Injuring a Student over a loaf of bread

A teacher from Kisukioni Boys Secondary School in Matungulu Subcounty has been arrested after seriously injuring a student from the school.

According to the parents of the assaulted student, the teacher beat the student till he broke his hand and bruised his ribs.

The reason given to the parents by the school administration was that the injured child, a Form 3 student, tried to help a Form one student find where a loaf of bread given to them had gone.

The Mother of the assaulted boy, Mercy Muli said that they got the report that their child had been injured after he was beaten and sneaked out of school and a parent called to inform them but efforts to take the child to the hospital were futile as the school refused.

The parents said that they were seeking justice for their child as their child’s safety was not assured. They alleged that the school threatened to discipline the child even more.

“I am the mother of Francis Mutua who was beaten until he ran away from school. We got a call from a parent telling us that our son was beaten badly. We came to school and the teachers refused us to take our child to the hospital but with the help of police we were able to take the child to the hospital and he was treated,” Mercy said.

“When we came to check on our son, the school chased us. We have come to the police post to record a statement because the safety of our child is not assured as the principal even told us that he will ensure that their teacher is freed and they will still punish our child when he does something wrong,” she added.

Efforts to speak to the school administration were futile as the School Head refused to address the press.

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