Katombi renews fight with Kamba Radio presenters in his latest song

Kamba benga artist Alex Kasau Katombi has yet again renewed his fight with Mwenge and other Kamba presenters in his latest song.

The song called ‘Ngai wanja’ translated to God of the poor has attracted over 75,000 views hours after release and is among the top trending on Youtube. The singer notes that he is still popular even after some Radio presenters deleted his songs from their playlists and talked ill about his music.

Katombi adds that there are Kamba presenters who vowed that his songs will never be played on a Kamba radio station but he is now the best solo guitarist in Ukambani despite all that.

“They held a meeting where they blocked me and banned me from all Kamba radio stations but I said there is no problem. I continued singing benga songs because I do it for my fans and I’m super talented. For those who thought I will never be in the limelight let them know that I’m still at the top, I’m sorry sir Malenge and your team,” Part of the song goes (translated).

The singer also revealed that when he was involved in an accident, a certain Radio station claimed that he got into the accident because he was drunk and that the case against him will drain all his resources.

In the song, He added that months later after the death of celebrated rhythm guitarist Mukuu, he was accused of sacrificing him.

“They said that I joined the Illuminati and I sacrifice people, Rest in peace Richard Mukuu continue entertaining them there. I don’t know the cause of anyone’s death, people should leave me alone. I’m giving a warning for those who thought I will never rise let them be told that I’m still the best,” The song goes on (translated).

Katombi cautioned haters that he usually prays for his enemies day and night and that his prayers are answered instantly so they should be warned.

Below are some of the reactions to the Ngai Wanja song;

Stephen Kasolo said, “Kwi Ngai mwa mathethi kamuthia kau nikeenyu” (There is God, to the naysayers the song is about you).

Patrick Muinde said,” Another great one from KISINGA. Never disappoints. People will talk about everything ill about you, but keep doing your thing. Congratulations.”

Dennis Muoki said, “You can’t compare Mwenge with this nonsense you call katombi. Hii ya mwenge ni talent plus academic papers..anyway mwenge can sue this guy akiendelea kumwaribia jina.”

Raphael Mbuvi said,” It’s good but leave the past alone and focus on tomorrow. There is God in heaven, achana na mauchungu mingi.”

Reuben Malombe wa Kiteme added” I admire the journey of Alex kasau, av had the privilege of watching the first video he did..I think in 2005, and attended his shows since then even before he was well known when even got a place to perform at his home town of kitui was difficult. I recall even then beach club cud not touch him bcoz to them he was not famous enough….there is consistency in achieving..kudos my younger brother..keep working smart.”

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