Kangundo: Quarry owners resolve to stop employing minors

Quarry owners from Kathaana in Kangundo Sub-county have resolved that they will not employ school-going children to be casual laborers in the mines.

Speaking during Educational day at Kathaana Secondary School in Kangundo sub-county, the school Board of Management Chair Dr. Ancent Kituku said that “easy money” that was being paid by quarry owners to the minors made them leave school.

Kituku noted that the majority of boys from that area were not going to school and those in school had not been attending for long as many of them were going for jobs in the quarries.

During the Education day they came to a resolution that the quarry owners would work hand in hand with the school and would not employ anyone in the quarries who had not attained 18 years of age.

“We border quarries and as a school, we have fallen victim to that. Today we have resolved that all quarry owners and operators will not employ someone below the age of 18 years. Before anyone works in those quarries let them first produce their National ID,” said Dr. Kituku.

His words were echoed by the Parents Association as well as the teachers noting that they would work with the administration to ensure such cases of students leaving school to work in quarries were stopped.

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