A look into Kalonzo’s 200-acre Yatta Ranch

Apart from owning several businesses, the Yatta ranch is arguably Kalonzo’s most talked about property.

The ranch became a topic of discussion amid Azimio demos last year after unconfirmed claims that some people were planning on raiding it.

The ranch sits on 200-acre land on the outskirts of Machakos town and Kalonzo has on several occasions held mega meetings bringing together politicians and clergy there.

In the Ranch, Kalonzo has ventured into farming and livestock keeping.

Although details about the farm remain scanty according to pictures posted by Kalonzo on his social media pages, the senior counsel has reared chicken and beef cattle.

He also farms cabbages, onions, beans, maize, and different vegetables and had tens of workers managing the farm.

Whenever he takes a break from politics the former Vice President visits the farm and engages in various activities.

In 2021, Kalonzo was accused of grabbing the land from the National Youth Service forcing him to surrender to the DCI which cleared his name and confirmed indeed he owned the land.

All this happened as he and then Deputy President William Ruto exchanged bitter words over the land.

Ruto had alleged that Kalonzo grabbed the land during former President Daniel Moi’s era.

In retaliation, Kalonzo then noted that Ruto should be the last person to speak in matters concerning grabbing land.

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