Ukambani Governors take on Kalonzo for denying Matuu residents water by Diverting Yatta canal to his farm

The 3 Ukambani Governors have hit at Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka accusing him of blocking the Yatta canal at his farm and denying residents of Matuu water.

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua issued an ultimatum to Kalonzo warning him that in 7 days if he doesn’t open the canal he would send Machakos county bulldozers to open the water.

“The water that is supposed to be coming here passes at Kalonzo’s farm. He closed to divert the water to his place. He has 3 boreholes and a dam and none of his neighbors can get water. He cant give even the neighbors a drop of water. He rears ostriches with your water. Does he have any mercy? He drinks the water alone and ostriches.” Mutua said.

“I like Kalonzo, he is the age of my Father. He is old now. The Yatta canal he has blocked, I give him 7 days as Machakos Governor elected by the people to open the canal or else I will send my tractors and bulldozers to open the water. You cant drink the water alone.” Mutua threatened.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu also blamed Kalonzo over the Yatta canal asking him to leave the water for Matuu people.

“This water you are talking about and I’m very surprised if one of us our leader instead of getting the water from the source with a big pump just waits for the one that is flowing to people of Matuu and takes there. Shame on him. Let him leave the people’s water” Ngilu said.

Kibwana asked Kalonzo to change and have mercy on his neighbors.

“I listened and I was wondering. I heard there is a leader blocking the canal and digs boreholes and he can’t even share water with the neighbors. Some of the people have said the water is used by ostriches. That is not good. Time to change is there. Please have mercy on the people. The important thing is you people welcomed him here. If you are welcomed somewhere, is that what you do?”Kibwana said.

The Governors spoke at a rally in Matuu, Machakos.

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