Kibwana trashes Kalonzo’s era as Ukambani kingpin, lauds Mulu Mutisya for lobbying for the community

Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana speaking during Ukambani leaders meeting at Machakos international convention center. (Photo - CMn)

Makueni County Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana has praised the good leadership skills and lobbying exhibited by the late Mulu Mutisya who was the Kamba region kingpin during the Moi regime.

Speaking at Machakos Convention Center during Ukambani leaders meeting organized by the three Ukambani Governors, Kivutha said that the lower Eastern region has been left behind due to bad leaders who when they assume top positions don’t help the people but are focused on their selfish interests.

“We have lacked lobbying in our region because the leaders assume top positions and forget about us like when we ask ourselves what we have gained as Lower Eastern since independence, better Mzee Mulu Mutisya who tried to approach the late President Moi, laugh with him and persuade Moi to give Kamba people jobs in Ministries and Military, “Kibwana said.

The Makueni Governor lauded Mulu Mutisya for what he did to the Kamba people even though many called him illiterate but he was full of native wisdom.

“With his native wisdom, he ensured that he helped the community and among the three leaders I had mentioned earlier he is the first person to help the Kamba community.” He added.

The Makueni county boss also warned the Kamba Community if they won’t stand firm and follow the right direction they would suffer for the next five to ten years.

“If we won’t stand firm we’ll suffer a lot, we have Konza City but it’s international because you can’t say it belongs to a certain county or region, it is for the whole country. When you go to Thwake dam it takes water to Konza City but in the budget, there is no water supply to the counties, no irrigation and even when we ask for small projects like Emali-Ukia road it takes years to be done because we have zero lobbying at the national level because the leadership that is listened to doesn’t help us.” He went on.

Kivutha called for national unity and for the Kamba community to unite to get resources to the region. He called upon Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka, Governor Alfred Mutua to sit down and chat the way forward since they all aspire to be President but the Kamba Community was greater than any of them.

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