Makueni Ruto point man welcomes DG Adelina Mwau to UDA

Prof. Emmanuel Mutisya, DP Ruto point man in Makueni county and Gubernatorial hopeful. (Photo -CMN)

Following Makueni County Deputy Governor Adelina Mwau joining of UDA party, Prof. Emmanuel Mutisya, UDA gubernatorial candidate and DP Ruto’s point man in Makueni county has welcomed her to the ‘winning team’.

The deputy governor, who was received by DP Ruto pointed out that she joined UDA because she does not want the Kamba community and especially the people of Makueni to be left out of government after ten years in the cold.

She noted that the national government controls 85 percent of the National Revenue and ukambani should not be at the high table.

Speaking to the media, Prof. Mutisya welcomed all Kamba leaders to join UDA, asking Kalonzo Musyoka to take the lead since UDA is the only party where the interests of the kamba community will be taken care of.

Prof. Mutisya highlighted that the leadership that they have seen from Johnstone Muthama, the UDA Chairman has given the community a footprint for negotiation. Adding that if the community joins hands, it will be safe in the government of 2022-2027.

The professor who is one of the leading technical experts developing the Lower Eastern bottom-up economic model emphasized that the hustler movement is keen to ensure that the economic policies that will be put in place in the next government will aim at uplifting those at the bottom of the pyramid.

“Bottom-up is the foundation of the social and economic development of our country”, he told journalists.

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