Kamba Gospel Artist Myello Narrates how Covid-19 almost took his life

Popular Kamba Gospel Artist Justus Myello has narrated how he nearly lost his life due to Covid-19.

Speaking at a vernacular Television Station, Myello revealed how he one day collapsed as he was starting his car heading to pay fees for his kids and he was rushed to the hospital by his wife who was with him in the car.

“I was with my wife when I collapsed and started throwing kicks while on the ground, and that’s where my left shoulder was broken while my children were screaming inside the car and my wife was looking at me helplessly. My wife took me to the hospital when i was unconscious. After being treated, I regained consciousness and asked where I was because I wondered how I got into the hospital. My wife told me that I fell sick as she explained to me what happened,” Myello said.

He was admitted to a hospital Covid-19 ward where he witnessed the death of two or three people daily and happened to be one of the lucky people to get out of the place alive.

According to Myello, those who came to see other patients who were admitted to the ward could call him to wake other people who were already weak and asleep when their’ people came to see them.

“One lady called me to remind me that when she came to visit her father at the ICU, he called me to wake up his father because I was the only person who was a bit strong; when I asked her how the father was doing, she told me that he died and was buried,” he narrated.

Myello also pointed out how he found out that his left hand was broken while thinking it was a minor injury, only for the doctors to tell him that the hand broke near the shoulder and so they needed to put a metal plate to mend the dislocation.

“There was frequent electricity blackout when my hand was being operated, and to me, it seemed like satan was fighting me because you only need at most forty minutes to fix a fracture, but it took two hours to do so, and Jones Mutiso witnessed that,” he added.

Myello stated that he had a tough encounter before getting well and is thankful to God that he is healthy and will continue to preach the gospel through singing. The singer had his 10 years music anniversary thanksgiving and album launch Sunday.


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