Mwingi Man who lost all fingers at a Nairobi company narrates his ordeal

A man from Ndaluni in Mwingi west sub-county of Kitui county is appealing to well-wishers for funds to facilitate his treatment. The man identified as Ezekiel Musyimi told Mauvoo News that he got an accident while working for a certain company in Nairobi.

His fingers were all cut off by a machine while at work and the owner of the company known as Roby Rubber promised to compensate him, but according to Musyimi that has not happened to date.

“After the accident, the company took me to Coptic hospital where I was given first aid then transferred to Kenyatta Hospital where I woke up and found my hands covered with bandages. I spent a whole month in the hospital and was released to go home. The company footed the hospital bill and provided little help for some time while I recovered at home,” he narrated.

Musyimi said that he was forced to cut short his visit to the clinic due to a lack of funds alleging his former employer stopped picking up his calls.

“I haven’t healed completely since I stopped going to the hospital, a visit to Kijabe hospital established that I need prosthetic arms costing 6 million shillings which will enable me to work and provide for my family like before. My wife left me due to my problems because everything has to be done for me. I am still young and have a great future if only I can get my compensation or help from people of goodwill,” Musyimi added.

His family said they became devastated after their son’s accident and were forced to sell different things to support him.

“I sold my cows and goats to support him and now I have nothing. I have no strength or power to force the employer to compensate him but any help will be appreciated,” said the victim’s father in tears.

For any help including legal representation, Musyimi can be reached through 0704640430

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