John Kay discloses relationship with Vuusya Ungu

Kamba Gospel Artist Evangelist John Kay has spoken on his past relationship with Benga Artist Vuusya Ungu.

Speaking during an interview, John Kay revealed that while in high school he used to play songs with Vuusya Ungu of Ndalani Boys Band and Ekalakala Boys Band leader.

“I used to play secular songs while in school with Vuusya Ungu and Ekalakala Boys Band leader. They used to come to my high school and we play, we had no band we were just looking for names,” said John Kay.

He went on to reveal that after high school he studied hospitality and even got a job with one of the 5 stars hotel but he later resigned to pursue his calling.

“I worked in one of the most expensive hotels in Nairobi a 5-star hotel but as time went by I resigned to pursue my calling. This made me understand why even pastors resign from government jobs to pursue their calling,” he added.

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