Benga artist “Vuusya Ungu” explains the origin of the name

Popular Kamba Benga Artist Dominic Muasya Mbithi popularly known as “Vuusya Ungu” has shade light on where the name “Vuusya Ungu” came from.

Vuusya Ungu revealed that the name came while he was playing in a band and they used to share rooms.

The Kamba benga artist said that because of the nature of the rooms they used to sleep in, he preferred sleeping under the bed and people would say do not touch under the bed there is someone sleeping there.

“There is a time I used to play for a band called Kwa Mutemba and we were 17 boys. So we used to sleep in two rooms and because we were many I used to sleep under the bed,” he narrated.

“So the band members would say while we are sleeping that no one should touch under the bed thus the name “vuusya ungu”. People tend to think it is a bad name but that it is how it came to be,” The singer went on.

He further talked about how he did some meager jobs before he started playing for bands which later saw him start his own band which is now known as Ndalani Boys Band.

“Before all this, I used to do various jobs like construction site work in hotels, and then I started playing for bands. I played for various bands before I started mine, and I would like to urge our fans to always show up for shows and ensure that they support us fully. Without the support of our fans, it is not easy to make it.” Vuusya ungu pleaded.

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