Vuusya Ungu: Why Women Love me

Dominic Muasya famously known as ‘Vuusya Ungu’ says he is the darling of many women.

In a YouTube interview, the singer said that the women drool over him because he is a bad boy and that is the reason why he is not married yet.

“On TikTok, my username is ‘Mwene Wendo’ meaning the owner of love and for sure I am full of love that is why I’m unmarried till now,” noted the artist with a chuckle.

“I came to realize women love men who are don’t cares, bad boys and I am one of them, there is nothing I can’t do because it’s my life,” he added.

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Vuusya Ungu revealed that he has been singing for over 17 years and one thing that has kept him afloat is doing things differently from other artists.

He observed that carving his own way has made him distinguished from other artists.

The artist added that he is his number one fan and many of the songs he releases have impressed him before the fans hear them.

Also, most of his songs concerning women are based on real-life events.

The ‘Kilisimasi’ hitmaker said before venturing into Benga music he was a Sunday school teacher. Also, his first songs were gospels before changing tune.

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