Day Ezekiel Mutua accused Maima and Katombi of fueling increase in teenage pregnancies

After Covid-19 hit the country in 2022, all the schools were closed to avoid the spread of the disease.

In June 2020, a report was released by Children’s office in Machakos county where according to the data 4,000 girls were impregnated during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Then Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua went on media saying that songs sung by Maima, Vuusya Ungu, and Katombi contributed to teenage pregnancies.

“At the height of our war with these bands in 2018, I attended the inauguration of Governor Alfred Mutua in Machakos and was shocked to find Maima performing the same dirty songs we had banned with mature men and women taking to the floor to enjoy dirty music that objectified women, promoted rape and teenage sex.” Ezekiel Mutua said.

“At another meeting where I was Chief Guest during the launch of Community Policing in Masii, early this year, the same issue of immorality among the young was raised. In fact, there were cases of sodomy. There’s a correlation between dirty content and morality among the youth,” Mutua went on then.

Maima replied to Mutua questioning him why he was against his songs, those of Katombi and Vuusya Ungu yet they were just artists like the others and there was no difference between them.

Later on, the artists reconciled with Ezekiel Mutua who was then referred to as the “moral police”. Mutua has since been moved to the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) as Chief Executive officer.

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