How my “ugly” looks landed me in trouble – Vuusya Ungu

Celebrated benga musician Dominic Mbithi popularly known as Muenjoy wa Kathambi or Vuusya Ungu has come a long way. The singer who believes he is not good-looking has on several occasions spoken about how he had no luck with women due to his looks.

In an interview with benga Nation, he disclosed that apart from failing to get the babes his unappealing looks also made him look like a suspect.

“There is a time I performed in Makueni playing the solo guitar, after getting down the stage some women were talking about me unaware that I was listening. They said that I am ugly but I can play the guitar very well, I concurred with them because it was the truth and it hurt,” he said with a chuckle.

He narrated that in Nairobi he was arrested almost every week for petty crimes he never committed.

“You can imagine how slim I looked but Nairobi Kanjo at one time arrested me accusing me of vandalizing a pole. This is because they found me leaning on a pole and the one next to me had been vandalized. They arrested me there and then and none of my pleadings bore fruits,” Vuusya Ungu narrated.

He observed that now that his career has stabilized he is now looking better and having better luck with women.

Vuusya Ungu apart from being a guitar soloist and singer, is also a presenter at Kamba tv. He is the leader of Ndalani boys band and is known for hit songs like Maria, Kyalo Kitu, Christmas, and Mganga Boi among others.

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