I Won’t be a flower girl, Florence Mwangangi Reveals power-sharing deal with Nzioka Waita

Machakos Speaker Florence Mwangangi and Nzioka Waita during the launch of their joint ticket. (Photo - CMN)

Former State House Chief of Staff Nzioka Waita on Thursday dropped the long-awaited “bombshell” by picking Machakos County speaker Florence Mwangangi as his running mate in the Machakos Gubernatorial race.

Speaker Florence Mwangangi was set to go for the Wiper nominations alongside Wavinya Ndeti and Mavoko MP Patrick Makau but she made a u-turn to support Waita.

Florence took to her Facebook page to hint at a new dawn in Machakos politics saying, “A new direction for the great people of Machakos. There comes a time when the Nation is more important than an individual – Prof. George Saitoti.”

On Thursday morning before meeting with Nzioka Waita, Florence met with delegates from all the 40 wards of Machakos who are supporting her gubernatorial ambition and consulted them on the way forward for the Machakos people.

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Florence stated that the government that they will form with Waita is going to be a fifty-fifty government in that the two will have an equal share of it and that she has chosen to drop her bid for the sake of the Machakos people.

“I’m not going to be a flower girl. I am going to be there to deliver for the people of Machakos. I want to assure those who have been singing ‘Suluhu’ that the government is going to be fifty-fifty because the Speaker of Machakos county cannot be a flower girl in the leadership of this county and you can take that to the bank. She is going to be there to ensure that services and development are delivered to the people,” she said.

Florence also added that she will work hand in hand with Nzioka.

Nzioka Waita Revealing why he chose to pick Florence as his running mate stated, “I met a woman who shared my values, my principles, who has the interests of Machakos County at heart who knows that when you’re given the office is not about red carpets and toilets following you. It’s about the people of Machakos who are living in ‘Kicheko’ who don’t have water, living like poor people because they have been forgotten.”

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