How Top-Performing Machakos Schools Did in KCSE 2021

After Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha released the KCSE 2021 results, Mauvoo News has been compiling results from the region and below is how some of the schools in Machakos county performed.

Machakos School managed to get Four A constant, Thirty-nine A-minus, 72 B plus, 76B Constant, 74 B minus, 80C plus, 59 C constant, 28 C minus, 14 D plus, 4 D constant, one D minus, and 6 did not sit for the examination. The school recorded a mean score of 7.9751 with 345 students out of 451 set to join university.

Machakos Girls High School had a mean of 7.9177 with 5 A minus, 24 B plus, 62 B constant, 62 B Minus, 52 C Plus, 29 C Constant, 5 C minus, 3 D Plus, and 1 D minus.

Mumbuni Boys High School registered 7 A minus, 24 B plus, 44 B constant, 55 B minus, 50 C plus, 29 C constant, 34 C minus, 12 D plus, and 7 D minus. The school had a mean of 7.3.

Kitondo Boys had a mean of 7.8, with 7 A minus, 10 B+, 37 B constant, 42 B minus, 38 C plus, 17 C constant, 8 C minus and 4 D plus. 137 students out of the 163 are set to join university.

In Kathiani Girls High School, 3 students managed to attain A (minus), 23 B plus, 36 B constant, 34 B minus, 35 C plus, 20 C constant, 5 C minus, 2 D plus and 1 D constant. The school had a mean of 7.92.

Kathiani Boys High School got a mean score of 4.775 with 2 B(plus), 3 B(constant), 8 B(minus), 16 C(plus), 31C(constant), 43 C(minus), 51 D(plus), 35 D(constant), 11 D(minus) and 4 did not sit for their exams.

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Misyani Girls High School in Kangundo registered a mean score of 7.692 with an entry of 162 candidates where 6 had A(minus), 16 B(plus), 30 B(constant), 30 B(minus), 40C(plus), 32 C(Constant), 7 C (minus) and one D(plus).

Masinga Boys had a mean of 6.8 with 1 A constant, 2 A minus, 5 B plus, 7 B constant, 26 B minus, 31 C plus, 37 C constant, 15 C minus, 4 D+ and 2 D constant.

Kangundo High School got a mean score of 5.9051 compared to last year when they had 5.628 recording a slight improvement. With an entry of 158 students, 7 got B(Constant), 20 B(minus), 30 C(plus), 39 C(constant), 30 C(minus), 20 D(plus) and 12 D(constant). 57 students managed to get C(plus) and above.

According to the results received so far for Matungulu Boys High School, Mukhwana Steve had B(constant), Muthenya Loki B(minus), Mweu Daniel B (minus), Mutisya Dominic C(plus), Abdimalik Kassim C(plus) and Mutisya Dominic C(plus).

In Tala High School, the top students were; Mutunga John A(minus), Imran Ahmed B(plus), Kasika Vundi B(plus), Wanjiku Deen B(plus).

In Caring Hearts School in Matungulu 30 students out of 41 managed to get the aggregate point to join university with the school registering a mean score of 7.29. while in Kinyui Girls High School 15 students had B(constant), 30 C (plus) where the school is taking 45 students to University.

So far, Kitui and Makueni schools seem to have done well compared to Machakos. Mauvoo News is following up with the results and we will be updating you as we receive them.

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