How leading Makueni Schools performed in KCSE 2021

In the just-released 2021 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results, below is how some of the leading Makueni schools performed;

Precious Blood Kilungu was the top in the county with a mean grade of 8.4088. 2 students had A constant, 14 A-, 29 B+, 59 B-, 45 B-, 37 C+,8 C, 5 C- and 4 D+. 186 students out of 203 who scored C+ and above will join the university. The school registered an improvement of 0.7588.

St. Theresa Mbooni girls had a mean score of 8.28 coming second in the County. The school had a student in the top 15 nationally by the name Mutheu Muendo who scored an A of 84 points.

Makueni Boys High school had a mean score of 8.24644 with a university entry of 234. 2 students had an A Constant, 27 A-, 47 B+, 50 B, 56 B-, 52 C+, 28 C, 7 C-, 5 D+, 1 D, and 1 D-.

Emmanuel Springs Girls High School in Wote had a mean score of 7.65. This is the first class to sit for KCSE where 28 out of 33 students will join university. 1 student had a B+, 6 B constant, 13 B-, 8 C+, 3 C, 1 C-, and 1 D+.

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St. Alphonsa Kisau Girls had a mean grade of 7.376 where 151 students out of 199 will join university. 3 Students had A-, 12 B+, 21 B, 47 B-, 68 C+, 36 C, 10 C- and 2 D+.

Kaumoni Boys High school got a mean score 7.038 where 112 students out of 184 managed a mean of C+ and above. 1 Student had an A-, 7 B+, 26 B, 40 B-, 38 C+, 42 C, 22 C- and D+ 8.

Makueni Girls high school which has been performing well this year recorded a drop of 0.78. In 2020 the mean score was 7.526 compared to this year where they got 6.743. 3 students had an A-, 8 B+, 19 B, 41 B-, 68 C+, 52 C, 39 C-, 12 D+, 3 D constant.

Mauvoo News is still following up with the results of the other schools and we will be updating you as soon as we receive them.

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