How leading Kitui Schools performed in KCSE 2021

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha pulled a surprise by announcing 2021 KCSE results on Saturday, a move that many were not expecting. 826,807 candidates sat for the examination in 2021, compared to 747,000 in 2020.

Below is how some of the Academic Giants in Kitui performed;

St. Anne’s Muthale Girls in Kitui West, which is one of the best performing Girls’ schools in Kitui, had a mean of 8.022 with an entry of 268 candidates. One candidate had A constant, 14 with A-, 31 with B+, 59 with B constant, 66 with B-, 53 with C+, 29 with C constant, 11 with C-, 3 with D+, and One with D-.

St. Angela’s girls in Kitui Central constituency registered a mean of 7.50 translating to 0.03 improvement from a candidature of 212. The school has 5 A- (minus), 11 B+,33 B constant, 51 B-, 64 C+, 37 C constant, 8 C-, 2 D+, and one D-. Students with C+ and above were 164 giving a percentage of 77.36%.

Mulango Girls high school, located in Kitui Central, registered a mean of 7.294 with a candidature of 228. Grade distribution was: one A constant, 1 A-, 11 B+, 29 B constant, 56 B-, 66 C+, 40 C constant, 23 C-, and One D+.

Chuluni Girls in Kitui East got a mean of 6.37 with one candidate getting B+, 8 B constant, 18 B-, 62 C+, 61 C constant, 35 C-, 7 D+, and 2 D constant.

Maliku Girls in Kitui Rural constituency had a mean of 6.13 with an entry of 145 candidates. They had 3 B constant, 17 B-, 31 C+, 49 C constant, 36 C-, 8 D+, and one D constant.

In the boys category, Kitui School was the leading with a mean of 9.5 followed by St. Charles Lwanga School with 8.95 all from Kitui Central Constituency.

Katheka Boys in Kitui West registered a mean of 6.698 with a university transition of 56 percent and an improvement index of +0.057. The school had two A-, 10 B constant, 15 B-, 25 C+, 18 C constant. 17 C-, 5 D+, and one D constant.

St. Mathias Mulumba Matinyani Boys in Kitui West got an 8.36 with a candidature of 201 and an improvement index of +0.42. They got a 98 percent university transition, with one candidate getting A-, 23 B+, 68 B constant, 69 B-, 36 C+, and 4 C constant.

Kisasi secondary school in Kitui rural, which had performed well in 2020 KCSE registered a mean of 7.275. They had 9 B+, 21 B constant, 51 B-, 59 C+, 40 C constant, 12 C-, and one D+.

Mwingi Boys in the Mwingi Central constituency got a mean of 6.820 with a candidature of 117, where 67 of them got the minimum university entry requirements. Two candidates got A-, 5 B+, 11 B constant, 20 B-, 29 C+, 22 C constant, 21 C-, 6 D+, and one D constant.

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