Top performing schools in Kitui county KCPE 2021

Students and Learners of St.Michael's Primary School in Kitui displays their performance in KCPE 2021. (Photo by Joshua/Mauvoo )

KCPE results were released on Monday (28th March) by Education CS George Magoha and many parents and candidates couldn’t hide their joy after the results were announced.

Several schools from Kitui have continued to perform well in the KCPE exams mostly private schools.

According to the results, the top candidate in Kitui county was Kimanzi Victor Saa from Precious Moments School in Mwingi with 422 Marks. The school has nine candidates with over 400 marks, the lowest having 335 marks and a school mean grade of 385.80 and a candidature of 40.

St. Michael’s primary school top candidate by the name Gertrude Mutheu garnered 420 marks and 21 other students had over 400 marks. The school registered a mean grade of 382.8 marks with 71 candidates.

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Good shepherd primary had seven candidates with above 400 marks and a mean grade of 370.8 having 35 candidates.

At Katheka primary school in Kitui west which has been among the top performing primary schools over the past years, the top candidate was Michael Lawrence with 413 marks. Seven candidates had above 400 marks, the school had a mean grade of 352.34 and a total of 94 students.

St. Josephine Bakhita Primary Zombe had 69 candidates with 16 getting over 400 and the school got a mean of 385. St. Gabriel boarding Mwingi had 55 candidates. 14 scored over 400 and they had a mean of 383.

St. Faustina Mutitu had 18 candidates and a mean of 375. St. Francis Kamuwongo had a meanscore of 372. Good shepherd Primary had a mean of 370 and 35 candidates.

In Maryland Chuluni the top candidate was Mueke Patience Tabitha with 405 marks, the school having a mean score of 370.16 and a candidature of 30 students.

At St. James Mawa Junior academy, the top candidate was Gift Muema with 410 marks. The school had a mean grade of 349.8 marks with a candidature of 32.

At Stellamaris academy Kwa Ukungu, the best candidate was Terence Mwangi with 401 marks and the school had a mean score of 335.

Shadow Education Center Kwa Mboya had a mean score of 321.47 with a candidature of 17 students and the top candidate was Joy Nzambile with 369 marks.

Angelica academy Kiusyani had a mean of 341 with Mercy Mwende topping the class with 405 marks.

Bishop Dunne Primary had a mean of 347, St. Theresa 340, Holy family Mutomo 336, St. Marys Primary 334, St. Paul Ikanga 330 and Sacred Heart Kanyangi 329.

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