Hellena Ken forced to apologize to Kenyans

Singer Hellenah Ken has expressed disdain over how gospel musicians from Ukambani have been conducting themselves lately.

Speaking at Kamba TV Hellena apologized to Kenyans for their behavior stating that many Kamba gospel artists have allowed pride and popularity to govern them.

She said that most of the artists dress badly and their mode of dancing is embarrassing and they have blocked their ears from hearing wise counsel.

The Radio presenter added it is sad that pastors and gospel singers are on the front line to promote adultery.

“Their dressing is tight while suggestive dance styles have no fear of the lord, making people bow down in shame. When you are recorded shaking your but and the clip is circulated on social media, what is your mission?”Hellena questioned.

The ‘Mambo yabadilika’ hitmaker stated that many of the singers that are trending now for negative things will soon fade away from the limelight in two years.

“Your songs should make someone sit and rethink their life choices and then decide to get saved, however with current songs and dance styles just give them two years and they will be nowhere to be seen. If such singers sit down and let the holy spirit rebuke them they will realize their mistakes,” she added.

Hellena’s remarks come just days after Peace Mulu called out Kamba Gospel artists. Missed the story, check it out below;

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