Peace Mulu takes a swipe at Kamba Gospel artists

Renowned gospel artist Peace Mulu says the industry has been smeared with dirt by artists that she is ashamed to be associated with.

In a recent interview, the ‘Ombea adui yako hitmaker noted that even the dance styles of gospel artists resemble those of Benga singers.

“The Bible says to come before me(God) with trembling I am asking if it is it the same gospel these people are preaching really,” Peace Mulu asked.

“With the vigorous and suggestive and seductive dance styles they have Ken Wa Maria should just recruit them to dance his Benga songs. Do not be deceived God is not mocked, you will see some artists and wonder what their intentions are yet they are singing in church,” she added.

According to Peace some of the artists are singing nonsense and should come clear if they are preaching Jesus or trying to sell their bodies.

She noted that artists need to understand their assignment is to win souls for Christ and not bring people to destruction.

“Imagine in a crusade there is a man with a  marital issue and you are there dancing and whining your waist suggestively, he will not hear what you are telling him rather he would be concentrated on the body.

She criticized the pastors that invite and allow such artists to perform in their churches.

Mulu said many artists venture into the industry without spiritual mentorship thus ending up in a mess and deviating from the sound doctrine.

“You cannot talk about the gospel without manners in your dressing, speech, and company. I would love to meet and talk to them because they lack mentorship and love. I know they can hear if they are told,” she concluded.

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