Hospital staff arrested for allegedly stealing drugs in Muumandu health center

Police have put into custody a hospital staff who was caught allegedly stealing drugs at Muumandu health center.

According to Rashid Kala, the Chief Officer of Public Health Machakos County, the suspect who works as a cleaner at the facility was on Monday found red-handed while taking drugs from the store and trying to sell them.

“For some time, we have been hearing information about the loss of drugs and have been doing our own investigations. Today we would like to report that we have arrested one officer from Muumandu health facility. We caught this officer red-handed while they were removing drugs from the store and taking them outside for sale”, The chief officer stated.

Kala revealed that the county spends 35 million every month on drugs and thus cannot tolerate drug theft in any health facility. He says that they will carry out thorough investigations even in private health facilities and chemists suspected to be the buyers of these stolen drugs.

“We have firm instructions from Her Excellency the Governor that we deal firmly with any officer who is found guilty and we are going to do deep investigations. Any private facility involved in this racket will also be closed”, Kala warned.

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