Grow up and stop calling yourself an orphan – Myello blasts Kasolo

Gospel Artist and TV Host Justus Myello has taken a jab at fellow singer Stephen Kasolo.

In a phone call with Kasolo during his show on Kamba TV, Myello told him (Kasolo) to stop calling himself an orphan.

He explained that only small kids should call themselves orphans and not a grown-up like him who has an identification card.

“Let me tell you something I have been meaning to tell you for long, stop calling yourself an orphan. This should have stopped the moment you got your identification card,” said Myello.

However, Kasolo defended himself saying that being orphaned at a young age the wounds don’t heal for a very long time.

“You can never understand me because you are not an orphan and I’m not praying for you to become one, “Kasolo said.

He then asked Kasolo whether his songs trend because he is a good singer or because he is an orphan. Believe it or not, Kasolo said they trend because he is an orphan.

Earlier Myello had urged their fans not to meddle in any grudge or fight between them.

His statement was seconded by Kasolo who said they know each other well and no one should judge or throw stones at them.

“We are the musicians and your work is to sing so just put the music on and dance, “Myello added.

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