Kasolo hits Gospel Singer Fortune Mwikali below the belt after alleging he is gay

A past photo of Stephen Kasolo and Fortune Mwikali. (Photo -Courtesy)

Controversial Gospel artist Stephen Kasolo is in the headlines again. This time for hitting fellow Gospel artist Fortune Mwikali whom they once did a collabo together in September 2020. This is after Fortune alleged Kasolo was gay in a video that has since gone viral.

Kasolo who is known for his hit song “Kitole” rubbished the claims saying that the lady was interested in him and that is why she spread the rumors of him being gay and a devil worshipper because he refused to have a relationship with her.

Kasolo who sounded bitter about the whole situation alleged that the said singer even practiced witchcraft and wanted to befriend his baby mama as a way of getting back at Kasolo.

“This woman has been on my case I have chats of her texting me calling me sweet names and have told her nothing can happen between us, that is why she is busy defaming me and calling me gay, she is been begging me and even went to prophet bahati and she was told to leave me alone am somebody’s husband, she is not even listening,” he said.

“She kept coming to my place to see my grandmother and bring KFC chicken for me, I am past that, I am not interested in your small gifts, I get advances from wealthy women but I refuse all of them, who are you,” Kasolo went on.

In her defense, Fortune Mwikali claimed that Kasolo was the one who had claimed to be interested in her and started to threaten her when she failed to have a sexual relationship with him. She went ahead to claim that Kasolo had faked to have coronavirus so that he would cohabit with another man in Embakasi.

“Me and Kasolo are great friends and I know him very well, he had faked he had coronavirus and he was cohabiting with a man, and when he knew I knew about it he threatened to kill me and I have videos of him doing bad things and there is nowhere i tried to beg to have a relationship with,” she said.

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