Governor Wavinya hits back at Mwala MP Kawaya

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has hit back at Mwala MP Vincent Musyoka Musau for criticizing her projects.

Speaking in Matuu,Yatta sub-county Wavinya noted that the lawmaker had failed in his job and resorted to attacking her.

She noted that she will continue serving the residents of the county without getting distracted.

“It is just like the time they claimed I didn’t have the necessary papers to contest and took me to court. They are thriving in drama but I won’t relent because they want me to give in,” Wavinya said.

“Some of these leaders have been in leadership for over ten years but have nothing to show in terms of development despite receiving almost sh. 150m every year, If they are interested in governorship let them come and I will thrash them like I did the 17 men in Kathiani years ago,” she added.

Her statements were supported by Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi who noted that Kawaya and other lawmakers have not lobbied for national government projects in the county. Also, they have failed to fight for county allocation funds to be increased.

Mwala MP Vincent Musau had poked holes in Governor Wavinya Ndeti’s ECDE milk project claiming that it was unsustainable and not urgent.

According to him, there are urgent projects that need intervention like hiring teachers and new classes than milk which was costing some schools too much money.

The lawmaker also told Wavinya to take criticism positively as no one was interested in unseating her for now.

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