Governor Mutula responds to Mutuse’s remarks on sidelining Kibwezi

Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr has responded to Kibwezi West MP Mwengi Mutuse’s remarks that his administration had sidelined Kibwezi.

Speaking at the burial of Mzee Wilson Kimuyu Mumo in Tututha, Mbooni, Makueni County, Mutula also dismissed the derogatory language used by the MP questioning whether markets were being built at the Governor’s mother home.

“I do not ask for myself neither am I worried. I will leave them to God. The bible says revenge is mine says the lord. Those thinking that you will insult Mutula, God will strike you.” Mutula said.

“I am not where I am today because of my strength or craft or even money. God knows what he has planned and that is why I will not answer them. God will show them something to realize that some people are not to be played with like myself.” The Governor added.

Kibwezi West MP Mwengi Mutuse last week told off Governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior over what he termed as mistreatment of Kibwezi residents. Mutuse said no one has the power to transfer resources and projects meant for his constituency to any other part.

“No one will stop projects in Kibwezi be it a Senator or Governor. Are you getting me? if you want to stop projects go and do it somewhere else. Governor you are making hawkers hold protests and writing letters that projects will not continue unless you are consulted. Is that project being done at your mother’s home? It is being built in Makindu.” a furious Mutuse said.

“We have decided we will build a market in Makindu and that won’t change despite those letters. No one applied to be born in Makindu, Mbooni, or Kilome.” He added.

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