Mutuse cries foul over his competitors in Kibwezi West

Kibwezi West MP aspirant Mwengi Mutuse has come out to accuse some aspirants in the constituency of using his name to gather locals.

Mutuse who worked as chief of staff for Machakos county explained that some aspirants were lying to the locals that he had called for meetings.

This he said caused the locals to gather in big numbers expecting to meet him only to find other aspirants.

“There are people seeking the same seat I am and are going around lying to locals in markets. They are telling the residents that the meeting is mine which is false so that they can get big gatherings,” Mutuse claimed.

“I want to tell the locals not to be fooled because I’m the one who calls for my meetings personally and those using my name are my nemeses who have already sensed danger,” he added.

Mutuse further told locals that he was the most suitable leader for Kibwezi West promising to utilize the NG-CDF funds properly and even source for others.

“The important role of a lawmaker is to source money from the National Government because the NG-CDF is assured. The money from the national government can be used to do big projects like tarmacking roads, and constructing dams among others. Look around apart from the CDF projects there are none from the national government,” he said

Mwengi spoke after visiting Thithi, Matutu, and Ndulu to meet the people and commission Five classes which he renovated.

The remarks come barely a week after Mutuse’s and James Mbaluka’s supporters clashed at a meeting in Makindu. Missed the story? check it out below;

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