Mutuse takes on Governor Mutula, threatens to lead boycott of taxes

Kibwezi West MP Mwengi Mutuse has told off Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior over what he termed as mistreatment of Kibwezi residents.

Speaking last Weekend, Mutuse said no one has the power to transfer resources and projects meant for his constituency to any other part.

“No one will stop projects in Kibwezi be it a Senator or Governor. Are you getting me? if you want to stop projects go and do it somewhere else. Governor you are making hawkers hold protests and writing letters that projects will not continue unless you are consulted. Is that project being done at your mother’s home? It is being built in Makindu.” a furious Mutuse said.

“We have decided we will build a market in Makindu and that won’t change despite those letters. No one applied to be born in Makindu, Mbooni, or Kilome.” He added.

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The Maendeleo Chap Chap MP also lamented the demotions of some of his constituents working at Makueni County Executive.

“As Kibwezi West MP When Kibwana handed over Power to Mutula our son Musyoka was a chief officer, he (Mutula) assumed power and made him a cleaner in the ward administrator’s office. That is disrespect. Peter’s brother was a director of the ministry of Health and he has now been taken to Kilungu Hospital and demoted from being a director. Dr. Paul Musila was almost sacked because of where he comes from.” Mutuse went on.

“I can’t be a leader whose people are being mistreated. Return Kiliko and Musyoka Kivungi to the positions they were interviewed for by the public service board. Hapana! it is not a crime that we were born in Kibwezi. If this won’t happen I will mobilize my people from Emali to Mtito Andei to boycott paying taxes.” The MP threatened.

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