Machakos Level 5: New structure to beef up security

Machakos Level 5 Hospital under the Department of Health and Emergency Services is set to have a perimeter wall to enhance security.

Dr. Daniel Yumbya, the Health CEC speaking to Mauvoo News revealed that this was an initiative by the Health Department to beef up security in the hospital.

Dr. Yumbya noted that through this structure patients will be able to have the services they are entitled to in their wards without disruptions as well as ensure that no monkey business will go on in the hospital of patients escaping without paying their bills.

“I want to thank Governor Wavinya Ndeti for this wall which will be used to enhance security and also accountability. The wall has been built up to separate wards and other departments here in level 5 because we have had issues where patients are being assisted to escape without paying bills,” Yumbya said.

“We shall put a gate after building up the wall where people getting in and out will be inspected so that we can curb insecurity in the hospital, ” he added.

With the completion of the perimeter wall, Machakos Level 5 Hospital will stand as a beacon of resilience and commitment a testament to the transformative power of visionary leadership and community collaboration.

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