Kithimani MCA warns locals amid Yatta Funeral Home woes

Kithimani MCA Paul Mwanzia Muli has issued a grave warning to the community about Yatta Funeral Home following a series of troubling events.

Speaking after visiting the mortuary Mwanzia said that the owner of the facility is engrossed in scandals that have greatly affected his business.

“The owner of the mortuary has not been paying rent, leading to auctioneers repeatedly raiding the facility. This week alone, they came to collect assets over rent exceeding Ksh. 400,000 and destroyed the mortuary structures. The situation has become untenable.” The MCA said.

Muli also highlighted a series of shocking incidents, including a raid over a year ago where bodies were mutilated and ongoing land tussles.

He warned locals to avoid seeking services at the facility and instead go to other places citing security concerns.

“Recently, during an auctioneer’s raid, a baby’s body was discovered missing. These incidents clearly indicate that the mortuary is no longer a safe place. There are only four bodies left in the mortuary,” Muli stated.

“I urge the community to take their deceased loved ones to other facilities to avoid further distress. Let us give the owner of this facility time for him to deal with his issues first lest we become collateral damage,”The MCA cautioned locals.

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