Gospel artist Kasolo boasts of prowess in bed

Gospel artist Stephen Kasolo has boasted of his bedroom prowess. Speaking during a Tiktok live, Kasolo also revealed that he had not yet married officially and his baby mama just visits with the daughter at times for them to bond but they don’t stay together.

“I swear all the women I have gone to bed with all go praising me, one time I was talking to a friend and I told them that I need to go to church to give a thanksgiving offering when God has blessed me with something… “a harrier”, Muthiniki. ” The singer said in the clip that has gone viral.

“We don’t stay together with Mama Shine because we have not yet married officially. I take care of everything, I have my house and they come here or I go to their place and we live like a family.” Kasolo added.

After the clip of the late-night Tiktok live that also featured DJ Biado and Mr. Wise was recorded and leaked, Kasolo expressed disappointment saying some Kambas wanted to pull down the others.

“Every midnight to 3 am, we have a reality show on Tiktok live. I want to speak on the clip that has gone viral that someone recorded, I am a journalist and I have a right to host any show. Don’t take anything personal, those sharing the clip should know this is life don’t take things seriously, we have the freedom to do anything…” He responded in a Facebook video.

“Whoever is trying to portray it’s like we have done anything wrong, it has nothing to do with my ministry, my family and it is my show. Kambas you try and find negative things to pull others down, other communities stand with their own while we wait for what looks like it has negativity and use it to bring it down. God help us and let us change.” Kasolo went on.

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