Girl kidnapped in Yatta by strangers who offered lift found in Ngara raped


Machakos County Woman Representative Joyce Kamene Kasimbi has asked the police department in Yatta, Machakos together with their colleagues in Nairobi to investigate an incident where a young girl was kidnapped only to be found dumped on the roadside in Ngara, Nairobi.

Speaking to Mauvoo News from Machakos town, the Woman Rep said that the girl was sent to the market by her parents to buy foodstuff when she met unknown men in a car.

They asked her where she was heading and upon telling them where she was going, the suspects convinced her to get in the car so they can give her a lift.

“They convinced her to join them in the car for a lift to the market and unfortunately the girl accepted. She was later found in Ngara in the evening dumped on the roadside where she was picked by the police and was found to be raped,” Kamene said.

“I am pleading with those investigating the incident where a young girl from Yatta was kidnapped and later dropped in Ngara, Nairobi on the roadside, and especially the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to speed up the probe and ensure the culprits are brought to book,” She added.

Kasimbi pleaded with parents to ensure that they are cautious as children are now home for holidays. She asked parents to always be sure of the whereabouts of their children and make sure they trust the people they spend time with.

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