Fights in Kitui UDA Camp as Nimrod Mbai takes on Penina Malonza

Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai told off EAC, Regional Development, and ASALs CS Peninah Malonza.

Mbai accused CS Malonza of not bringing development in Kitui County yet he controls a huge chunk of resources that can be helpful to the Kamba Community. Mbai said that the other Cabinet Secretaries are busy lobbying development to their people yet what CS Penina Malonza is doing is bringing relief food to the people.

“The other ministers like Mvurya are bringing tangible development to their people, Murkomen is bringing roads to his people but what we are seeing with the one from our region is bringing a 2 Kg rice to the people. 2 Kg of ‘Mwolyo'(relief food) is not development from someone whose Ministry has over 300 dams across the country. A daughter of Kitui with a budget of over 300 dams yet there is no single dam constructed in Kitui from her docket yet her work is to come and give our people 2Kg of rice when we have plenty of crops in our farms,” Mbai stated.


Mbai added that CS Malonza was also a Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife for over a year yet the people of Mutha in his home constituency were affected by human-wildlife conflict and even some of them killed but up to date they were never compensated.

The vocal Kitui East MP said that he would tell the President that the people he appointed are letting him down especially those from Kitui and thus he should reprimand them and tell them to bring development to the people.

“Those people appointed by President Ruto are messing with him here in Kitui, we are saying that President Ruto should tell his appointed leaders to serve the people, and if they are not willing to do so they should resign. We have a lot of people in Kitui who can serve in President Ruto’s cabinet, as the Chairman of UDA in Kitui County I won’t allow them to mess with our government,” the Kitui East MP added

Mbai cautioned the Cabinet Secretary against imposing leaders to the UDA Kitui County Leadership without consulting the elected leaders. He said that whoever wants to vie for the UDA Leadership seats should come directly to the people and ask them to vote for them during the UDA grassroots elections.

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