Kitui South Residents React After Appointment of Penina Malonza, make a special request to Ruto

Residents of Mutomo in Kitui South, Kitui County have reacted following the appointment of Penina Malonza as the Cabinet Secretary for Tourism, Wildlife, and Heritage.

The residents revealed that it was a big win for them since she will become the first Cabinet Secretary from the area to be appointed since independence. They said that they have faith that she will be approved by Parliament and serve the people of Kenya and bring more job opportunities to the people of Kitui South since the area has been neglected by the previous regimes.

Led by Patrick Kasimu a youth leader from the constituency, they called upon Penina Malonza once she gets to the office to work with other local leaders and ensure that they provide job opportunities in the Tsavo East National Park and South Kitui National Reserve located in Kitui County, especially to the jobless youths in the county.

“On behalf of the youths from Kitui South and specifically Mutomo where Penina comes from we are grateful to President Ruto for appointing Penina who is one of us, raised from a humble background like us and we are happy that the bottom up is taking shape from here. We would like to tell you that we will be sending Penina to your government to address our issues, especially the issue of lack of jobs among our youths and we request you to listen to her so that she can get jobs for us and the people of Kitui at large,” Patrick Kasimu stated.

Kasimu also called upon Penina to ensure that she works with President Ruto to push for the opening of a mining company in Kitui South since there is limestone in Kanziki, Kitui South, and this will give a lot of job opportunities to the people of Kitui South and Kitui County.

“We thank President William Ruto for doing a favor to us after coming to Mutomo two times during his campaigns. We have witnessed that you had the interests of the people of Mutomo at heart. We call upon CS Penina to unite all the Kitui political leaders. We know you didn’t expect to get the position and it is by God’s will that you have been appointed. Use the opportunity to lobby for resources especially for us in Kitui South where we have been isolated for a long time and serve all the people diligently,” Benjamin Kyalo the chairman of Mutomo market said.

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