Kangundo Carpenter Goes Missing Under mysterious Circumstances, Family Seeks Help

A family in Kangundo sub-county of Machakos County has called on wellwishers to help them in searching for their kin Francis Musau who went missing on the 12th of June 2022.

Speaking to Mauvoo News Musau’s wife Virginia said that her husband left her on that fateful day and said that he was going to church and even left money to buy breakfast as he was in a hurry. Unknown to Virginia that was the last day she was going to see her husband. She waited for him to come home that night and he did not come nor did not even call her.

“On 12th June, I was with my husband at home when that morning, my husband left the house and gave me money to buy breakfast and when I asked him if he was going to have tea he said he was in a hurry to go church,” Virginia told Mauvoo News.

“He even gave me money for supper and told me that his phone had gone off and left it in the house but to my surprise, he did not come that night and to date have never seen him or heard from him,” she added.

The distressed Virginia told Mauvoo News that after waiting for three days for her husband to come home with no response, she went to report the case to Kangundo Police station.

Virginia revealed she received a call weeks later from Peter Kimondolo, a man who had once allegedly threatened to kill her husband. She asked police to put the suspect in custody so that investigations could be done. This is because Peter told her not to keep looking for her husband Francis because he also did not know of his whereabouts.

“I went to the police to report the call I got from that ” friend” of Musau because it sounded strange when I asked where he got my number he said he was given it by Musau and he told me not to look for him as he also didn’t know where he was. But I told him that he was the main suspect as he had threatened to kill my husband,” Virginia narrated.

“I asked him how would you not know where he is and you are the one who threatened him when you took him for a job in Langata and he gave me the whole story of what happened and how you tricked him. Musau even asked for forgiveness and he promised to pay back your money. I even saw on his phone he had given you some amount, and he told me that he was surprised to see Kangundo police call him for questioning,” she added.

Musau was a renown carpenter in Kangundo town and was the sole breadwinner for his family. The wife is now left in distress without knowing what to do with her children.

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