Kitui MCAs reveal plan to combat Hunger Crisis in the county

Kitui county MCAs have announced plans to deal with the ongoing hunger and water shortage in the county that has affected hundreds of thousands of residents.

Speaking during their induction program in Mombasa, the MCAs led by Speaker Kinengo promised to pass a supplementary budget once they resume house sittings from 11th October 2022 which will help curb the hunger witnessed in the county.

“There has been a drought in Kitui and not just in North Eastern Kenya. When politicians were doing their campaigns they were giving flour, maize, and other food items for them to be voted for. Those who were elected should make an effort to distribute food now,” Speaker Kinengo said.

Speaker Kinengo urged the National government and the Kitui County Executive to focus on the basic needs of the common mwananchi instead of first implementing other secondary issues yet Kenyans were dying due to hunger when the government was constructing roads.

“We as Kitui County Assembly have decided that when we go back to the assembly we will pass a motion that basic needs of the Kitui people should be given priority first and we are confident that we will do away with the problem of water and food shortage in Kitui,” Kinengo added.

The MCAs also requested President Ruto to declare the hunger crisis as a national disaster because most parts of the country had experienced inadequate rainfall and with the prices of almost everything shooting, people were living from hand to mouth most of them can’t afford to feed themselves and sustain their families.

“The President should not focus on North Eastern counties only because most of the people have been affected by hunger, especially in Kitui. When we resume our sittings we will ask the Governor to bring the supplementary budget to the assembly and even if it is the money allocated for road construction we will have it allocated to first solve food insecurity in Kitui,” Muthengi Ndangara who is Tharaka ward MCA said.

The MCAs also pointed out that the hustlers’ fund should be managed by the MCAs because they are the leaders who are close to the people at the grassroots. They also requested President Ruto to work with all the MCAs across the country which is the best way to embrace the bottom-up instead of working with only the Cabinet Secretaries at the National level.

According to Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi, 3 people have died of hunger in his constituency so far, missed the story? check it out below;

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