Kitui Catholic Bishop plea on Hunger Crisis in Kitui County

Joseph Mwongela, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Kitui has called upon the Government to intervene in the ongoing Hunger crisis in Kitui County and other famine-stricken areas.

Bishop Mwongela requested the National Government and Non-Governmental organizations to come on board and help since most of the Kenyans have been ravaged by hunger after failed rains in Kitui.

“The famine comes and goes, its because of the failed rains and we need a government that will focus on our people and keeps relief food in case there is drought. No one should die because of hunger and no family should sleep without food, those who are privileged to have more should help those who don’t have. When giving relief food let’s prioritize those who are more affected,” Bishop Mwongela said.

The Bishop also urged Kenyans to pray for the nation to have peaceful elections and also get good leaders who will bring development to the people.

“We want peaceful campaigns and elections without bloodshed, no politician should fuel enmity because after elections a neighbor will remain to be a neighbor and we don’t want to go back where we come from,” he advised.

The Catholic Bishop also cautioned politicians against deceiving Kenyans and giving them empty promises that they won’t fulfill when voted in. Residents were also called to make wise decisions when voting to elect the right leaders and warned them not to vote for leaders because they have been given money to vote for them.

“As the church, we will advocate for peace, and urge Kenyans not to be divided in any way because those who want votes are few compared to those who will be voting thus we should use our energy to vote and get good leaders,” he added.

Bishop Joseph Mwongela was speaking at Christ the King Katutu Catholic church in Kitui West where he gave the sacrament of Confirmation to over 300 catechumens drawn from the Parish.

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