Why Kitui residents won’t vote Raila – Kitui East MP Mbai

Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai has told off Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu for bringing Raila Odinga to the people of Kitui and disclosed why Kitui residents won’t vote for Raila in August.

Nimrod dismissed Ngilu saying that she is busy selling Raila yet she had failed to deliver development to the people of Kitui as their Governor. Mbai criticized her for forcing Kitui people to support Raila yet she has ‘milked Kitui dry’.

“The Ukambani leader who is listened to most in the Azimio team is Mama Ngilu and we had her in the five years as our Governor. She took our money and stole from the people. Speaking the truth, Our people can’t buy anyone that Ngilu is selling to them (Raila),” Mbai said as the crowd chanted ‘kii thooeka’ (that is not sellable).

The Ruto allied legislator also stated that the Azimio One Kenya coalition tried to sideline Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka and by any chance, if they form government they will isolate him and the ideal option for the Kamba community is the Kenya Kwanza government.

“Kalonzo is being disrespected and we know that is because of Ngilu, and if he is being treated that way what about when they form the government? He will not have any position there so William Ruto’s government is our only hope,” he stated.

Drumming support for DP Ruto, Mbai said that they won’t allow someone who has milked ‘Kitui county dry’ to come and mislead the people.

“The person who is loved most by Raila Odinga is Kaluki Ngilu ambaye ametunyorosha tukanyorosheka and we won’t accept what she will be telling us yet she left our people in poverty,” Mbai added.

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