Facts you didn’t know about Producer and Artist Toby Bisengo

Toby Mulwa Bisengo is a well-known music producer, singer, guitarist, and composer and even owns a studio known as Elevax Media.

Though he is a Kamba his name Bisengo is Congolese and is from his father who was a Congolese.

His mom remarried after separating from his father and they moved to Yatta where he grew up.

Despite being fluent in the queen’s language the famous producer never went to high school due to issues at home.

The “Katolo” hitmaker started his music career by playing guitars in different churches. This prompted him to get saved so that he could an opportunity to expand his musical career.

His biological father was a musician and this is why he was into music and it is what puts food on his table now.

Unknown to many, Bisengo was once a praise and worship leader for 10 years.

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Despite being a staunch believer for over 10 years he does not believe in religion but to him what matters most is spirituality rather than religion.

His career in music production started in 2006 while he was working at a music studio in Nairobi.

Before starting Elavax, in 2007 he had a studio called Dreamix which he co-owned with a Bishop from Kitui.

In December 2022, Bisengo won the best music video of the year 2022 Eastern with Salute Aka Maitu song.

The singer has also ventured into live performance with his Katolo Vybes Band.

Elevax Media was started in 2010 and produced songs for Wilberforce Musyoka, Peace Mulu, Stella Mengele, Justus Myello among others. Here is a list of the Big Kamba tunes produced by Bisengo;

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