Bisengo slams Kenyans posting musician Ilagosa wa Ilagosa

Artist and producer Toby Bisengo has slammed a section of Kenyans posting about Gospel artist Ilagosa wa Ilagosa who passed on Friday.

Taking to his Facebook, Bisengo said that people are posting the musician with sweet messages yet they never supported him when he was alive.

According to him these people don’t know his songs, and have never subscribed to his YouTube channel or supported him in any way.

Bisengo noted that he has worked on several projects with Ilagosa and his death has hit him hard.

“I am saddened by the tragic death of Ilagosa wa Ilagosa, we did projects together and he trusted me with some of his trademark songs,” Bisengo said.

“Guys before you run to post Ilagosa, I want to ask you a few questions. Did you really love Ilagosa, did you subscribe to his channel when he was alive, did you love his music, and have you ever supported him genuinely when he was alive or shared his songs? If you did be blessed and if you didn’t think twice,” he added.

Bisengo said it was insignificant to post the good things about the singer when he was not told all that while alive.

“I always tell people to show love to someone when they are alive, support their dreams and aspirations when they are alive because when they die they have transitioned to the next life. They can’t see the comments,” he noted.

The Katolo hitmaker went ahead to advise those who never knew Ilagosa to stop posting or talking about him.

Gospel songster Samuel Ilagosa popularly known by their stage name ‘Ilagosa wa Ilagosa’ passed on Friday while receiving treatment at a hospital in Nairobi after being unwell for 2 months.

The songster behind the ‘Sala Zangu’ hit also had collabos with Solomon Mkubwa and Janet Atieno.

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