Justina Syokau’s Producer tells off Kenyans Insulting her

Gospel singer Justina Syokau is not new to controversy and recently she came out to complain about why she is not loved by Kenyans.

On her birthday, friends, family, and fans took turns to send her messages of good wishes.

Her producer Toby Bisengo was not left behind as he penned a great message to the songster on his Facebook page.

Bisengo described Syokau as a go-getter who never gives up and noted that the Syokau is hated and loved in equal measure by Kenyans.

You are the most hardworking artist in Kenya, most fearless, most resilient, hated my many but loved by the masses,..since you walked in my studio you’ve never walked out,” Bisengo said.

He noted that he has seen all the insults thrown at Syokau and knows they are meant for him too but he does not worry about them.

“When they insult you they insult your producer as well, but you know I never give a shit…Happy birthday Justina Syokau 2020 hater mkae kando, our lady is having a birthday,” he added.

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